My cats have been extremely picky with grooming devices. Lorie was able to consult me on a new cat brush and my cats are not only healthier, but they actually really like it! Lorie really knows cats.

-Kathy Dieser

Lorie has helped me house train my mother’s dog, Greta, who I was so afraid of when she came to live with us, because Greta was mean and scared. With Lorie’s help, Greta is now loving and house trained. Greta and Snickers love seeing Lorie, and trust Lorie unconditionally. Lorie has also been very helpful with advice on pet care when it comes to my Snickers care in her old age. She has gently made suggestions to me that have helped me through many health concerns our Snickers has faced. Those suggestions worked!

Lorie’s talents and care are not only with dogs. My daughter, Amy, regularly brings her cat, Berty in to see Lorie for grooming because Lorie is certified in cat grooming too!

Lorie Hebert is not only talented in her abilities for grooming dogs and cats, Lorie’s talented in her ability to listen to pet care concerns from her clients and give kind, valuable advice to pet owners. Lorie cares for her furry friends and their pet owners!


I have known Lorie Hebert for many years and was very excited when she began her schooling and training for dog grooming. I have two Cairn Terriors and from the very beginning of her training both Bonnie and Clyde enjoyed their visits to her grooming salon and I enjoyed her caring and personal attention to their individual needs.

Lorie has a unique ability to determine the needs and worries that each customer may have for their pet. She takes the extra time and effort to make each visit a pleasant and happy experience for them.

Bonnie & Clyde are almost twelve years old now and still look forward to their grooming by “Auntie Lorie” and I must admit I also look forward to the results of her expertise!

-Jane Robinson