You Groom Cats?

Pet Appearance is in the process of establishing “cat only” blocks of time. This way, our kitty clients will not be subjected to the distraction of dogs in any way!

There will be morning blocks of time and afternoon blocks of time every few weeks, and an occasional Saturday afternoon devoted to cats only.

Please plan ahead. If your cat is extremely matted a few days will not make a difference.

Cat only days our important for your cats piece of mind in a quite atmosphere and for my cat helpers to plan ahead!

Hours and days to be determined as the need arises. Calling ahead will assure you an appointment within a weeks time.

You Groom Cats?”

Yes. I saw a need and in 2011 attended the National Cat Grooming Institute in South Carolina.
Many cats are perfectly capable of keeping themselves presentable. And then there are those who just can’t keep up!

Cat skin is very stretchy and thin. When hair becomes matted, it pulls on their skin and IS painful!
If your cats fur begins clumping it is time for a groom!

You may think your cat will not tolerate grooming, but most are fine after a few visits. They seem to understand they will feel better after.

A myth is that cats hate water. They do not, they hate being told what to do. Repeat cat clients become used to being bathed and there is very little “freaking out”.

At Pet Appearance there are always two people working with your cat: one to hold and monitor stress level and keep everyone safe while the other bathes and grooms the cat.

No restraints are used, just a firm hold. In approximately an hour cats are bathed, dried, trimmed if needed, face and ears cleaned, and nails clipped.

Cats on a schedule are more relaxed during their visit and less likely to need drastic measures, although there are some that get a lion trim every visit because cat and owner both like it!

There are many options for your cat like sanitary trims, belly trims, comb cuts and more.
If you even THINK your cat needs to be professionally groomed then it probably does!

The biggest reason for no shows or cancellations is because a client can’t CATCH the cat! I pay a helper and clear the shop of canines in anticipation of your cat’s appointment. Cats seem to have a sixth sense about these things so give yourself enough time to Catch The Cat! Prompt pick up is appreciated since the next appointment may be a dog.

Proof of rabies shot will be required for outdoor cats.

If I feel a cat is too stressed or dangerous to us or itself, I will stop the groom and discuss options with owner.

Of course, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out! Check out our contact page.



Cat looking up