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Your pet has never looked - or felt - so great!

What We're All About...


We consider safety for the groomer and the pet to be the most important part of our job. Lorie Hebert is certified in first aid and CPR for pets and has participated in many “safe handling” classes for both cats and dogs.


Tub, table, and tools are cleaned between clients and the shop is vacuumed regularly!
We use the best products and will discuss any concern you have to find the appropriate solution. Dry skin, greasy skin, stinky, skunky, itchy, we have the right shampoo for everyone.


Of course, this is my favorite part of the job. But, as they say in the grooming world, “God doesn’t groom pets and we don’t perform miracles.” Sometimes, it is just best to start over. Frankly, it’s tough on my arm and your pet to de-matt. When necessary, a shave-down can still look cute by concentrating on “saving” the head and tail.